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IRS Audit Representation

With years of experience, M&K CPAS can represent you before federal, state, and local tax authorities. Receiving a tax audit notification can be daunting, but we are here to help you make the audit process as simple and stress-free as possible as your IRS audit defense provider. Based in Houston, TX, we specialize in helping businesses and individuals that find themselves dealing with IRS tax audits. Even for taxpayers who file their taxes correctly and on-time can feel anxiety from an IRS audit. To ease this anxiety, we represent our clients and deal directly with the IRS to resolve problems quickly.

Need Help with a Tax Audit?

The IRS can audit your taxes by mail or in person. Often times, correspondence audits are necessary when there are missing documents in your tax return that the IRS has been unable to locate. These can often be resolved by mail.

In person audits are conducted in either a local IRS office or at your business location. Depending on your specific situation, the documents required for an audit can vary. We will work with you and the IRS representative to resolve your audit quickly and accurately.

Our Tax Audit Representation Services

M&K CPAS will review your audit documents with you so that you know exactly how we will proceed. We specialize in resolving the following:

  • Tax notices
  • Addressing tax audits
  • Setting up payment plans
  • Appealing positions
  • Our experienced team will work with the IRS on your behalf and ensure all filings are done correctly and in your best interests. You can trust M&K CPAS to use their extensive knowledge during your tax audit representation in Houston or elsewhere to bring your audit to a resolution.

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