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When venture capital or large loans are at stake, many companies prefer to hire expert business plan consultants to highlight the best aspects of the company through developing a business plan detailing how the company plans to achieve its objectives.

The business advisors at M&K CPAS, PLLC, one of the fastest growing firms in Houston, have years of experience helping businesses map out their road to success by developing comprehensive business plans. Business plans help identify internal problems, new opportunities, and resources. They are vital in creating and reaching new milestones.

Our professionals will help you develop a plan that puts your business on a path towards growth. One we have accomplished this, we can make sure your business stays on track with our other financial services, including tax advising, accounting, and auditing.

Consulting a Business Advisor

The business advisors at M&K CPAS, PLLC in Houston are trained to write business plans for all types of companies, including for-profit, non-profits, limited liability corporations, S-Corporations and others. Our business plan consultants will help you meet your goals by identifying available resources and developing a sound plan to meeting them.

Developing a Business Plan

As new trends in an industry are identified, new business plans should be created to address the changes and how the company plans to take advantage of such changes. Addressing changes in the industry will help businesses maintain their competitive advantage. Our advisors will help develop goals and strategies for your business to compete in your industry.

Business plans may be written in numerous formats. The type varies based upon the audience and the complexity of the business. Our experts often address the following topics when executing a proper business plan:

  • Business Summary
  • Market Opportunity
  • Addressing the People Involved
  • Implementation and Contingencies
  • Financial Projections
  • Sources of Capital

Business Summary

A business summary will describe the business venture, purpose of the venture, management, marketing, finances and operations. This summary allows the interested parties to fully understand the intent and future execution of your business.

Market Opportunity

The market opportunity segment addresses how the business will meet an unmet need in the industry. The target customers, pricing and competitors are also described in this section. This allows the interested party to visualize the business conception efficiently.

The People Involved

Sound business plans should address the people that will be managing the business. Addressing the audience involved in the business plan also provides opportunity to receive input from your employees.

Implementation and Contingencies

Our business plan consultants will assist you in describing exactly how to implement the business idea in the "Implementation" section of the plan. Implementation strategies can include:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Start-up

This segment elaborates on how the company will delineate itself from the competition and any costs associated with implementing of the plan. This aspect also addresses how management will respond to anticipated problems as they arise.

Financial Projections

This could include items such as break-even analysis, projected financial statements, and assumptions in which projections are based.

Sources of Capital

This would detail the company's plans in raising capital through debt and equity instruments.

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