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Selling Your Business

As a business owner, selling your business is probably one of the most difficult and complex decisions that you may be forced to make. There are many reasons that this decision has to be made, including financial considerations, personal issues, or desire to enter into a different field or create a new business.

The professionals at M&K CPAS, PLLC in Houston are highly experienced in this process. By providing accurate financial reporting, they help ensure proper business valuation services. Contact our firm to learn more.

When selling your business, it is important to consider what potential buyers may value. This includes:

  • What are future goals of the potential buyers?
  • Who will be affected by the selling of your business?
  • Is this going to be a clean separation?
  • Will you retain day-to-day involvement?

When others are involved in your business, you should examine the affect that selling your business may have. This means considering the role that key players will have after the company is sold, such as management, investors, and business affiliates.

Selling your Business in Parts Rather Than a Whole

Not all businesses are the same and it is possible to sell all or a part of the business according to what the majority owner wishes. For a new buyer, the terms of the sale may include retaining the old ownership, at least in principle for a while, in order to form a greater sense of continuity as the sale goes through.

This may be advantageous to both parties in many instances and will allow the business itself to form a more seamless transition between the old and new owners.

There are also times when the business itself is not sold off, but instead various articles of interest are offered to buyers. These may include surplus equipment, customer lists or other types of assets that are expendable. Anything that is not part of the original agreement will remain in the owner's possession.

Comprehensive Business Valuation

It is highly advisable for any business owner to seek expert tax advice before making any kind of selling arrangement. Our Houston based team of experts can provide you with the business valuation and consulting services that you need during this critical time.

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